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Always at your side

Infolog supports our Customers before, during and after the project. Thanks to the expertise of its Staff, INFOLOG stay at your side during the multiple steps of the project, up to full utilization of the systems. The goal is always to guarantee maximum

Network Operation Center

Network Operation Center (NOC) means a package of services vertical zed on the Network & System Management. INFOLOG through an help desk, makes it available to its Customers a platform of services ranging from the maintenance and technical support to system support, from network management to security and remote use, etc.

Security Operation Center

INFOLOG, using a team of experts, offers analysis about the company’s information security system. Through the “Intrusion Test”, simulating the attack of a malicious user in multiple stages, it is possible to evaluate the security level of the system or of the corporate network, in order to take immediate actions on the weaknesses.

Log Management

To help its Customers to be in compliance with the Privacy requirements, and aiming to always provide a complete service, INFOLOG devised MonKey.
MonKey is a simple and reliable Log Management solution, which allows you to monitor system administrators access to servers and databases containing sensitive data by controlling the number of accesses, the time and the credentials used as required by the enforced Privacy Statements.