Press Review | Focus automation & end of line

INTELLIMAG pro-tile is a warehouse management system (WMS) originated from the deep knowledge and experience in tile industries, installed in multiple plants in italy and worldwide.

Thanks to the innovative scheduler “Regia Attiva”, the logistic operations are automatically and dynamically distributed to the warehouse resources (with the same logic of an automatic warehouse), totally paperless and reducing to “zero” the not-working activities.

Through the use of real-time location systems (RTLS) and assisted 3D graphics navigation (FGS), you can have total traceability of goods, men and vehicles in indoor / outdoor warehouses.

The “Picking Bay” (goods to man oriented) dynamically organizes and automatically schedules all customer preparation and big slabs management for picking and packing.

Reducing wasted times, balancing activities, increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction are just some of the other benefits of integrating INTELLIMAG pro-tile.

INTELLIMAG pro-tile is not just “a WMS software” but is a performance logistic enhancement system dedicated to the industries of the ceramic sector.

Ceramic World Review – June / July 2017 – Year 27 N. 122
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