Press Review | CERSAIE 2013

Intellimag is a logistics management solution that optimises warehouse performance by adopting functions and solutions tailored specifically to the ceramic sector, including the picking bay for customer order preparation and RTLS systems for locating moving goods and cars. Intellimag has already been adopted by leading companies in the sector with excellent results and integrates perfectly with the most widely adopted international ERP systems.

Intellimag’s innovative picking bay is able to automate the order preparation
process for multi-item pallet formation and shipment. The installation of a touch-screen monitor in proximity to the preparation area and use of mobile operator terminals creates an automatic order preparation system analogous to the operation of an automatic warehouse. The software optimises the operating sequences of all picking activities and manages operator
workload so as to eliminate waiting times. The intelligent system brings the most commonly used items closer for ease of preparation of multiple orders,
making for numerous advantages:

  • Up to 50% reduction in transport to and from the yard
  • Increase in operating efficiency and up to 30% shorter reparation
  • Up to 80% reduction in the cost of re-wrapping partial pallet loads

Intellimag integrates the exclusive Regia Attiva (Active Management) function, which evaluates and optimises the workload of each car and distributes the activities over the active warehouse resources. Using the control screen (KPI), the warehouse manager can monitor all operations constantly and if necessary intervene on processes. The Regia Attiva module makes effective use of the opportunities offered by the RTLS (Real Time Location System) and FGS (Forklift Guidance System). These systems use various technologies (DGPS, video cameras, RFID and other sensors) to constantly track and display the position of materials, vehicles and operators, offering support to vehicle operators and indicating the optimal operations and routes. This enables vehicle routes to be optimised by cutting journeys with empty forks and waiting times and thus increasing overall efficiency.

Ceramic World Review – August/October 2013 – Anno 2013 N. 103
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