Press Review | INTELLIMAG pro-tile: the logistics system optimizer

INTELLIMAG pro-tile is the logistics system, adopted by the most important brand of tile industries with excellent results, which optimizes and increases the warehouse performance up to 50%, reducing stock, wasted times, inefficiencies, totally paperless, saving cost and increasing the level of service to customers.

Specific functionalities designed for tile industries, such as “picking bay” that automates the operational sequences for the preparation and composition of the customer’s mixed pallets, INTELLIMAG pro-tile allows full traceability of goods, workers and vehicles for indoor / outdoor warehouses, with the aid of real-time locating systems (RTLS + GPS) and 3D graphics assisted navigation (FGS).

The “Regia Attiva”, the optimized scheduler integrated in the WMS, assign tasks continuously to the forklifts (via wifi and/or gprs), guides them in all warehouse operations by detecting their location automatically, organizes the tasks of any forklift (with the same logic of an automatic warehouse) having “zero” errors and optimized movements.
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CER magazine Italia – May/June 2016 – Year XLIII N.357
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