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INTELLIMAG pro-tile: Geolocalized warehouses without using any barcodes, with Gps and Regia Attiva.

Intellimag pro-tile 4.0 is the most advanced warehouse management system, which allows achieving performance similar to an automatic warehouse by using traditional forklifts with on-board operators, GPS geo-positioning systems and without using any barcode, guaranteeing the same levels of precision.

The introduction of the INTELLIMAG pro-tile system reduces logistics costs (number of forklifts, working hours, scheduling hours) from 30% to 50%, compared to a traditional warehouse management system and up to 99% of errors in handling and shipping.

The system provides a forklifts equipment (with on-board driver) with a system of geolocation in real time (RTLS), industry 4.0  sensors for products self-identification and a 3D graphical Navigator (FGS) for assisted driving to indoor/ outdoor warehouse operations, ensuring total traceability of pallet movements and vehicles/forklifts, without any error.

The current 4.0 version allows the support of all geolocation technologies (Gps, Camera, Rfid, Laser, Wifi, UWB), the handling and traceability of ceramic products (whole pallets, un-palletized, crates, stands, big-bags), including raw materials, semi-finished products, slabs and panel, from the exit of production lines, storage, picking, re-packaging and up to shipment to the final customer.

Thanks to the innovative “Regia Attiva“, the intelligent scheduler, the warehouse operators are automatically guided 24/7 by the system, which organizes the work of each resource with a new method “by flows” (the same logic of an automatic warehouse), increasing the efficiency and decreasing the existing logistics structure.

The innovative automatic “Picking Bay” (goods-to-man organized) dynamically schedules all the customer’s preparations and guides the palletization / re-palletization of small and large formats (manual or robotized, on crates or stands).

A Factory 4.0, without a Logistics 4.0 that guarantees high levels of performance, precision and customer service, risks undermining its investments or not exploiting them properly.

Intellimag pro-tile 4.0 is the market leading ceramic warehouse management system, already adopted by the most important companies and groups in the national and international ceramic market.

Intellimag pro-tile

CWR Ceramic World Review – February/March 2019 – Year 29 N.130
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