Press Review |Infolog earns acclaim from ceramic manufacturers

At the recent edition of Tecnargilla, Infolog showcased “INTELLIMAG pro-tile” an innovative, GPS-based logistics system that attracted considerable attention from both Italian and foreign visitors.

INTELLIMAG pro-tile offers an innovative solution for operational warehouse logistics for the ceramic industry, by completely re-designing the order preparation and fork-lift phases, thereby increasing their efficiency, precision and traceability, while cutting costs by up to 50%.

These results can be obtained by using a specific “GPS warehouse navigator”, which can be fitted to the existing fleet of fork-lifts, combined with the Active Management scheduler and the touchscreen, computerised picking bay for multi-reference pallets (which has been in use in the ceramic industry for many years).

“We are very proud of the results we have achieved,” said Giorgio Tesorieri, Chairman of Infolog. “After many years of investment and research into WMS logistics software for ceramic manufacturers, and others, we have succeeded in developing an advanced, innovative system that is comparable to the highest-performance plants and machines in the mechanical engineering and ceramic sectors.”

INTELLIMAG pro-tile was developed inhouse by INFOLOG SpA, a Modenabased software house, which has worked for many years as a partner of some of Italy’s largest worldwide ceramic manufacturers.

INFOLOG is a by-word for efficient, highperformance solutions for companies. For over 25 years it has been providing companies with practical, leading-edge solutions, by developing systems and packages for the top-level national and international market (WMS and ERP).

Tile International – November/December 2014 – Year 2014 # 4
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