Automated Horizontal Warehouse Intellimag pro-tile 4.0

Intellimag pro-tile 4.0 is the latest version of the innovative system for managing handling and tracking of finished ceramic products (now including semi-finished products and large slabs and panels) from the end of the production lines through to storage, picking, re-packaging and finally shipment to end customers.

The system involves equipping the forklifts with a real-time locating system (RTLS), 4.0 sensors for auto-identification of products and a 3D graphic onboard Navigator (FGS) for assisted guidance of indoor/outdoor warehouse operations to eliminate human error and guarantee total traceability of pallet and vehicle movements.

Thanks to the innovative “Regia Attiva” job scheduler, the warehouse operators are automatically guided 24/365 by the system, which organises the work of each resource according to a new flow concept (with the same principles as an automatic warehouse) and continuously recalculates the missions of each forklift with a paperless 3D Navigation system.

The innovative and automatic goods-to-man Picking Bay dynamically schedules all customer preparation work and guides the picking/mix/repackaging operations for small and large size tiles (manual or robotic, on boxes or stands).

Introduction of the Intellimag pro-tile system reduces logistics costs (number of forklifts, work hours, planning hours, number of handling and shipment errors) by 30-50% compared to a traditional warehouse management system.

Intellimag pro-tile 4.0 is an innovative and complete warehouse logistics system equipped with integrated WMS software and a warehouse scheduler that has already been adopted by leading Italian and international ceramic sector companies and groups.

Infolog will be taking part in Tecnargilla 2018 in stand 015, hall D3.

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