Press Review | INTELLIMAG pro-tile 4.0 July 2019

Press Review INTELLIMAG pro-tile: Ceramic World Review nr 132 July 2019

Infolog SpA is the producer of INTELLIMAG pro-tile 4.0, a software for the semi-automatic management of ceramic warehouses (full pallet and mixed). Using the same men and forklifts already working in the company, INTELLIMAG pro-tile 4.0 eliminates handling, picking and shipping errors by implementing an efficient guide and automatic traceability system, using a GPS (Geo Positioning System) indoor and outdoor, without the use of any barcodes or RFID tags.


The system includes a forklifts equipment with a real-time geolocation system (RTLS), fork’s sensors for the auto-identification of the products and a 3D graphic navigator (FGS) for the assisted guidance of indoor and outdoor warehouse’s operations, guaranteeing complete traceability of pallets and forklifts movements, without any error.

Automatic Picking Bay

For those Tile’s Industies with intensive picking, the equipment also includes an Automatic Picking Bay with Touch Screen (goods-to-man organized), that can be integrated to cranes, manual manipulators or robotic picking systems that dynamically schedules all customer orders and guides the un-palletization and re-palletization for tiles and big slabs (crates, boxes, stands, etc.)

With the Regia Attiva module, the innovative intelligent warehouse scheduler, the operators are automatically guided 24/7 by the system.

Reduced logistic costs and zero errors

The introduction of the INTELLIMAG pro-tile system reduces logistics costs (number of forklifts, working hours, and scheduling hours) from 30% to 50% compared to a traditional warehouse management system and reduce up to 99% of errors in handling and shipping.

The current 4.0 version supports all geolocation technologies (Gps, Camera, Rfid, Laser, Wifi, UWB), the handling and traceability of ceramic products (whole pallets, mixed pallets, crates, stands, big-bags) , including raw materials, semi-finished products, slabs and panels, from the exit of production lines, storage, picking, re-packaging and up to shipment to the final customer.

INTELLIMAG pro-tile 4.0 is the market-leading management system for ceramic warehouses, already adopted by the most important national and international Industries and groups in the ceramic market.

CWR Ceramic World Review – June/July 2019 – Year 29 N.132
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