Regìa Attiva: halve the number of carts and resources in stock, increasing performance

Regìa Attiva: halve the number of carts and resources in stock, increasing performance

Find out how to optimize your logistics with the introduction of active management.

I traditional software for logistics management, which is commonly abbreviated in WMS, are generally programmed to manage only the location and the transactions of the magazine, process code to barre or other.

But what happens when, in the current scenario, the performance of Logistics decrees whether a company is a winner or not?

Knowing where the goods are, what was received or shipped, how much space is occupied are useful information but it changes what is really relevant.

Regìa attiva: increase performance while reducing costs and complexity.

The Regìa Attiva is the exclusive “warehouse scheduling” system created by Infolog SpA and integrated with the WMS INTELLIMAG, to increase operational performance by reducing the organizational complexity of the logistics sector.

Why implement the Regìa attiva:

  1. Do not worry about the organization of work. The Regìa attiva takes care of it.

    The Regìa Attiva is a warehouse scheduler, a warehouse super MRP even if with completely different principles; and is able to recalculate the missions to be delivered to the operators about every 3 seconds.

    It is a system based on the same principles and algorithms of an automatic warehouse, applicable to a traditional warehouse.

    In this way, it is possible to continue to use the traditional resources, men and trolleys, to which the Regìa Attiva distributes the work, in a balanced, continuous and optimized way.

  2.   3, 10 or 50 resources to manage? No problem.

    If in a traditional warehouse, the Warehouse Manager has to take care of planning, managing and controlling all the resources and activities carried out for each available resource, now it is no longer necessary.

    In fact, the tasks of the Manager are drastically reduced, leaving him all the time to control the performance of the structure and the work of the resources.

    So with automated management, it becomes indifferent whether the number of resources is low or high. The system will continue to work and balance workloads on the specified resources.

  3. Zero stress in the warehouse.

    If with the traditional management of the warehouse, urgencies and priorities create chaos and confusion in the warehouse, with the Regulation Active all this does not happen.

    In fact, with a 3 second cycle recalculation of the missions to be assigned, the tasks that must be handled urgently, or with different priorities, are automatically entered and assigned to the first available resource.

    In this way, no resource feels the urgency or the different degree of priority but carries it out like any other mission.

  4. Training time of operators almost zero.

    It is known that in warehouses staff turnover can be high and often lead to negative performance due to the inexperience of new resources.

    With the Regìa Attiva, it is not essential to have a thorough knowledge of the company, the warehouse and the products.

    In fact, through various technologies, including pdas, radio frequency terminals or tablets, the operator is guided inside the structure to carry out their missions, as if he had a navigator.

    Therefore, the operating performances of new resources, cooperative, provisional or dependent that they are, reach in little time 100% of the operativity, giving high yields on the general performances of the inner warehouse.

  5. Measure performance objectively.

    With a system that manages and schedules tasks automatically, you can have all inventory variables under control, through the configuration of KPIs and custom dashboards.

    In this way, the Warehouse Manager is fully aware of the performance of the resources and can make corrective actions in the course of work.

    Moreover, besides the appraisal of the performances, it is possible to have an immediate inventory situation, ideal in order to plan supplyings and to monitor the expiration of the supplyes.

  6. Perfect integration with ERP systems.

    The Regìa attiva is able to interface and integrate perfectly with all ERPs, both national and international.

    In this way, the management of the entire warehouse is even more than simplified.

    In fact, the system of Regìa attiva “speaks” directly with the company ERP, eliminating any intermediate phase of data transmission, without paper.

  7. Increased performance and reduced complexity.

    As mentioned in the opening, the Regìa attiva allows to reach levels of operational efficiency easily measurable as a relationship between activities followed and resources employed (men and means).

    From the direct experience of Infolog, they can be obtained from 20% to 50% in terms of saving/ total costs and up to the doubling of the performance of the logistic section. These figures fully meet the company’s efficiency and competitiveness objectives.

If you also want to implement the INTELLIMAG Regìa attiva in your warehouse, contact us.


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