Not just goods handling: The importance of an Advanced Logistics System

Not just goods handling: The importance of an Advanced Logistics System

From the receipt of incoming goods to the shipment of finished products, a company’s warehouse undergoes continuous evolution, the need for efficiency and ever-increasing time pressures. A Warehouse Management System (WMS) manages all internal operations of a warehouse, optimizing and simplifying the entire resource management process.

It is an indispensable system for companies looking to improve warehouse efficiency, reduce operational costs and help staff eliminate non-productive activities.

But how can specific sector needs be managed and how can the corporate WMS not only benefit warehouse management but also human resource management?

The must-haves of advanced logistics: Geo-referencing and Regia Attiva

“Logistics in ERP – as explained by Giorgio Tesorieri, CEO of Infolog – normally relies on the management of the piece’s location. Advanced logistics, on the other hand, is a control and optimization system that technically serves to optimize and make the personnel in charge work at their best without waste.”

Advanced logistics implements a system in the company that connects people, objects, vehicles, and machinery for the optimized management of resources, goods, movements, allocations, and, above all, time.

Var Group and all their companies, such as Apra, can rely on the experience and technology of the Intellimag solution, developed by Infolog.

Intellimag’s main goal is to optimize resource and warehouse management, ensuring error-free operations and productivity even with young or newly hired staff.

An advanced logistics solution is primarily based on two verticalizations:

  1. Geo-referencing: it involves the installation of state-of-the-art Indoor/Outdoor location sensors (GPS, etc.) that allow tracking the exact location of the vehicle and pallet at all times. This is achieved through pallet self-identification, which is only read when the pallet enters the warehouse for the first time. This allows for a reduction in pallet identification time during pickup and release as well as a drastic reduction in positioning and location errors, since it is an automatically geo-located system, ensuring the pallet’s position is always accurate.
  2. Regia Attiva: with Regia Attiva, warehouse operations are organized and distributed to available resources automatically and in a balanced manner. Furthermore, the list of activities to be performed is recalculated every ten seconds, making emergency management more efficient as well. Regia Attiva also makes new resources immediately productive. With limited training times, operators can reach 100% operational efficiency in a short time, contributing to increase warehouse performance.

“What companies are asking us for,” continues Giorgio Tesorieri, “is software that tells the logistics operator what to do. An advanced logistics platform must be able to manage people’s work based on specific warehouse management needs. Therefore, the software must be parameterized to match specific corporate rules and not the other way around.”

In fact, each sector has specific processes and dynamics. In such cases, it is even more important to choose a system that can meet the company’s needs by tailoring applications and technology to specific projects.

Wine and Furniture: different needs for specific management

For example, the wine sector has the inherent peculiarity of managing fresh raw materials. In this case, the company’s warehouse must be able to quickly handle the movement of raw materials and all products destined for bottling. For a winery, it is essential to tailor its WMS to these specific industry needs. Apra, together with I-WINE and Infolog, can handle all types of companies, from the most structured to medium and small-sized wineries, offering a set of innovative functionalities.

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On the other hand, the furniture sector must manage a large number of items to assemble increasingly personalized products. In this case, it is vital to manage the correct assembly of shipment parcels and the movement of materials for the customized production of each customer project.

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