Fewer errors with iPick: VAR BMS Smart Logistics enhances Intellimag pro-tile’s efficiency

 Reduce errors with iPick: VAR BMS Smart Logistics enhances Intellimag pro-tile’s efficiency

In the day-to-day operation of a ceramic warehouse, goods that have been prepared for shipment are often not placed in the correct location and therefore cannot be identified immediately.  As a result, carriers arrive at the warehouse to pick up quickly the goods, but the process to identify the correct pallet is lengthy, poorly organised and complex for the operators. The placement’s procedures of the goods have not been followed with care, and that’s the consequence.
The most important question then is : Is it possible to certify and at the same time simplify the pallet identification process and the shipment procedures ? The answer is yes, thanks to the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR) to assist the operator.

When the pallet leaves the controlled warehouse environment and is deposited in the external shipment area, it is easy to lose track of it. And if the operator has to check the pallets one by one to determine their contents, this can clearly become a very time-consuming operation.
At the moment of identification, search operations can be simplified using Infolog’s Intellimag pro-tile software together with the iPick solution from Var BMS, a combination that exploits the potential offered by artificial intelligence and augmented reality to guide the operator during the picking of materials prepared for the shipment.
This innovative technology uses the computer vision (i.e. the ability to recognise images), in this case augmented reality markers, or symbols associated with the location or the individual object which are recognised by the AI.

Identification at a glance

Once the material has been prepared for shipment, the operator, guided by the Regia Attiva automatic scheduler from Intellimag pro-tile, puts a code to the customer’s pallet, which is subsequently positioned together with other materials ready for shipment. iPick identifies the goods immediately upon the carrier’s arrival.

By using AI and AR, iPick is able to eliminate errors during picking. Each marker is recognised and flagged, then displayed on the screen in the colour green or red depending on whether or not the pallet is intended for shipment.

The solution can be installed on smart glasses to allow greater ease of movement for operators, or on a rugged-forklift-PC  connected to a webcam. The pallets are analized in real time by the application based on the images transmitted by the video cameras, and immediately flagged when the active markers are recognised.

Infolog’s CEO Giorgio Tesorieri announced the acquisition of 51% of the company by Var Group, an organisation with a 340 million euro turnover wholly owned by the Sesa Group (SES.MI). “Infolog was already recognised as one of the leading WMS software developers in Italy, and after becoming part of the Var Group will have the opportunity to further develop its solutions,” he said. This operation has led to the introduction of new technological applications such as iPick which complement the advantages offered by the Infolog software.

Thanks to the application of this new technology, Intellimag pro-tile will be able to guarantee even more complete management of the logistics flow. By simplifying the loading operations in the final phase prior to shipment, iPick completes Intellimag pro-tile, the most widely used system in the ceramic sector, known for its efficiency, precision and reliability.

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