Neri SpA begins a digital transformation journey with Var Group


It’s 1971 and William Neri, already active in the market for work gloves and rubber goods, sensing the potential of an emerging sector like PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and the advantages of sourcing from China, which was opening to trade with the West in those years, founds a company for the marketing of individual protective devices: Neri SpA is born.

Under the guidance of the Neri family, the company grows to become a reference point in the Italian market. In 2017, Neri SpA joins the Bunzl Group, a multinational leader in the distribution of non-food consumables for businesses, listed on the FTSE100 index of the London Stock Exchange.

In this phase, Neri SpA faced two major challenges: the transition from a family-owned company to part of a multinational group and the profound changes and internationalization of the market. The new context highlighted the need for a deep revision of the information systems, and to meet this need, Neri SpA decided to rely on Var Prime and Infolog, recognized as centers of excellence within Var Group for Microsoft Business Applications and advanced warehouse logistics management (WMS). This collaboration will allow Neri SpA to be guided through a digital transformation journey:

“We decided to rely on Var Group as a partner in this transformation journey to create a strategic collaboration. Var Group has become a trusted ally that is helping to develop a long-term vision for the digital transformation of Neri SpA. This collaboration will help us overcome challenges and seize opportunities arising from digital transformation more effectively and timely.”

– Andrea Altinier, CFO of Neri SpA

Var Group has provided the capabilities and expertise of its competence centers to meet the needs of Neri SpA.

The first topic they decided to work on was data valorization: Var Prime implemented a business intelligence system with Microsoft Power BI to extract value from the data within the company, helping management identify areas for improvement and enhance decision-making processes.

The second topic addressed was the optimization and automation of operational processes: Var Prime assisted Neri SpA in selecting a new ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system to modernize and harmonize the management of the company’s fundamental processes. The existing ERP was highly customized and did not facilitate ease of use and updates. Wanting an ERP that could already handle internal processes with standard features and having experience with Microsoft solutions, Neri SpA chose to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, integrating it with Microsoft 365 and Power BI. With the new ERP and the support of Var Group’s competence center dedicated to Microsoft business solutions, manual and repetitive processes were reduced, minimizing the possibility of errors and freeing up resources from low-value processes to devote them to more critical activities in the company. Additionally, by leveraging the capabilities of Business Central, process controls were streamlined, simplifying approval steps.

The third area of intervention was warehouse management: Neri SpA benefited from the expertise of Var Group’s competence center dedicated to the development of warehouse logistics software solutions. By harnessing the potential of INTELLIMAG, Infolog‘s Warehouse Management Systems, Neri SpA streamlined work organization and optimized logistic flows, improving the accuracy of warehouse operations. Daily operations saw a significant reduction in paper usage (going paperless). Receiving procedures became completely automated, involving all operators in the use of radio frequency terminals. The client’s open and cooperative attitude made it possible to reevaluate widely established “habits” that had proved to be not particularly effective; one example is the shift to using dynamic locations instead of static ones, which promotes the optimization of warehouse space usage.

These initial steps in the digital transformation journey demonstrated the fruitful collaboration between Var Group and Neri SpA, underscoring the importance of embracing technological innovation to continue growing and delivering value to customers.

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