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INTELLIMAG pro-steel: the complete WMS solution for the steel and metal sector.

INTELLIMAG pro-steel is the warehouse management software able to organize and optimize the logistics flows of commercial, production or processing  companies of the steel and metal sector. It is also equipped with a versatile and scalable architecture, which allows easy integration with existing technologies and information systems.

INTELLIMAG pro-steel completely manages the inbound flows (acceptance, receipt, quality control, material counting, labeling and storage) and outbound ones (order receipt, planning, processing, picking, preparation and shipping) in mobility and real time, also using Gps geolocation tools.

Furthermore, INTELLIMAG pro-steel is Multi-Company, Multi-client, multi-plant, multi-language and multi-platform. This allows the declination of a single software for various sites and plants, guaranteeing intercompany flows and unified controls.

With INTELLIMAG pro-steel, all warehouse production flows are organized automatically and thanks to the warehouse scheduler, the Regìa Attiva. In this way, each activity is dynamically programmed by the software, without the need for planning and control.

The Regìa Attiva also allows organized emergencies management , making them a service value for the customer. These, in fact, are inserted in the activity plan based on the degree of priority so as to be processed as quickly as possible, without interrupting or creating disturbance to normal operations.