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INTELLIMAG pro-healthcare: the complete WMS solution for pharmaceutical logistic management in healthcare companies.

In the Healthcare sector the warehouse performance, in particular the medical devices, consumables and drugs management does not only have an economic impact, which is in itself very significant, but also affects the level of service provided to patients as a final customer. The assortment of these materials and the rotation speed with which they arrive in the department are decisive.

In this sense, efficiency and precision are standards that must be maintained daily at very high levels. For this reason the warehouse organization becomes a strategic lever for the operational complexity reduction and a fundamental support for the achievement of the service KPIs.

INTELLIMAGTM pro-healthcare is the software for warehouse management and related activities able to organize and optimize the logistic flows, both unpredictable and critical, in the healthcare sector. Furthermore, having a versatile and scalable architecture, it can be easily integrated with existing technologies and information systems, guaranteeing the same performance level.

With INTELLIMAGTM pro-healthcare,  the logistic activities are planned and scheduled in an autonomous and structured way, thus obtaining a real-time management of material requests. Furthermore, the “Regia Attiva”, an exclusive element of the INTELLIMAG WMS, allows a controlled, parallel and dynamic automation of all the activities in progress.

In this way, the work of the resources is balanced and an organized and registered emergencies management is guaranteed, without interruptions in the warehouse users operations.