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INTELLIMAG pro-fashion: the complete WMS solution for the warehouse logistic management in the fashion sector.

INTELLIMAG pro-fashion allows you to apply all the best strategies for the optimal management of warehouse logistics of manufacturing, distribution, technical and logistic services in the clothing, footwear and accessories sectors, from the entry to the shipment of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products.
Equipped with a particularly robust yet versatile and scalable architecture, INTELLIMAG pro-fashion provides a simple and uncompromising operating path with its functionalities, through which manage the supply chain processes, typical  in the sector.

The application architecture of INTELLIMAG pro-fashion allows its use in multi-company, multi-brand, multi-client, multi-plant, multi-warehouse and multi-language environments. The automatic identification of the materials foresees the use according to the cases of Barcode 1 / 2D, RFid and Voice Control.

INTELLIMAG pro-fashion is natively designed for interfacing with automatic storage and handling systems. The technological architecture SOA, multi-tier, multi-platform and WEB 2.0 allows its use in full efficiency via internet from a single central server, in corporate and third-party data centers.

INTELLIMAG pro-fashion allows to reach high levels of operational efficiency, even in the short term, and then to support the continuous improvement of the organization of flows and logistic resources.