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INTELLIMAG is the advanced WMS solution to manage the planning, the execution and the control of all processes related to warehouse management, from reception to shipment. A management solution can repay itself in many ways, but today the real competitive factor is the guarantee of constantly adapting to market dynamics.

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Logistics for the ceramic sector

INTELLIMAG pro-tile is a solution that adapts without compromise to the specific business needs of companies in the ceramic industry as its robust yet versatile and scalable architecture is open to all types of integration.


Logistics for the fashion sector

The specific software for manufacturing and distribution companies in the clothing, footwear and accessories sectors, with particular focus on the management of raw materials and finished products.


Logistics for the steel and metal sector

The warehouse management software is able to organize and optimize the logistic flows of commercial, production or processing companies of the steel and metal sector. It is also equipped with a versatile and scalable architecture, which allows easy integration with existing technologies and information systems.


Logistics for the healthcare companies

The software to reduce the organizational complexity of the warehouse and pharmaceutical logistics of healthcare companies, ensuring constant, high and safe service levels.


Logistics on AS400

A complete and tested solution that be can implemented on your ERP operating on the IBM AS400 system, for the creation of extremely efficient logistic systems.