Press Review | RTLS & FGS – tile’s warehouse management

INTELLIMAG is a logistics management solution that optimizes and increases the warehouse performance.

Thanks to its innovative functions like the Picking Bay, and FGS & RTLS Systems, INTELLIMAG has already been adopted by leading companies in the tiles industry.

The Picking Bay is a specific function which allows to automate the order preparation process for multi-item pallet formation and shipment; the FGS & RTLS Systems allows to trace and show where materials, trucks and operators are located in real time. Both functions have improved on the companies’ efficiency like:

  • up to 50% reduction in transport to and from the yard;
  • up to 50% of combined cycles working allways in full load situation;
  • increase in operating efficiency and up to 30% shorter preparation times;
  • Up to 80% reduction in the cost of re-wrapping partial pallet loads.

The system is available both Outdoor and Indoor , with alla RTLS tecnologies (Gps, Cam, Rfid).

CER magazine Italia – November/December 2015 – Year XLII N.354
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