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Warehousing operations must address constantly evolving situations in which precision and rapid reaction to respond to customers’ need and the new challenges of the market.

INTELLIMAG, the third generation WMS solution with its innovative Picking Bay, is able to automate the order preparation process for multi-item pallet formation, which brings numerous advantages:

  • Increase in operating efficiency and 30% shorter preparation times;
  • Up to 80% reduction in the costs of re-wrapping partial pallets loads;
  • 50% reduction in transport to and from the yard;
  • Increased flexibility;
  • Automatic management of a buffer for pre-prepared high-turnover items by means of forecasting rules and algorithms;
  • Management of special processes for re-labeling and changes in palletisation

By installing a touch-screen monitor in the proximity to the preparation area and using mobile operator terminals, it is possible to obtain and automatic order picking system. The software optimizes the operational sequences of all picking activities and manages operator workload so as to eliminate waiting times.

INTELLIMAG also integrates the exclusive “Regia Attiva” function, wich evaluates, re-evaluates and dynamically optimises the workload of each operator and distribute the activities over the active warehouse resources, allowing the warehouse manager to monitor process costantly and intervene basese on the control screen (KPI).
The “Regia Attiva” module effectively exploits the opportunities offered by the innovative RTLS (Real Time Location System) and FGS (Forklift Guidance System).
These systems use various technologies (DGPS, video cameras, RFID and other sensors) to track and display the position of materials, vehicles and operators in real time inside  a predetermined 3D mapped area, offering support to vehicle operators and indicating the optimal operations and routes.
The intelligence and speed of the software complements the expertise and day-to-day warehouse experience of the operator. The result marks a major step forward in the logistics management with less waste, lower costs, greater control and higher productivity.

Ceramic World Review – April/May 2013 – Anno 2013 N. 101
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