Press Review | CERSAIE 2015

Intellimag pro-tile is the innovative WMS active management system for warehousing and logistic flows specifically developed for ceramic companies. Based on GPS&RTLS technology, it tracks the movement and location of each individual pallet from the production zone exit through to the preparation,covered storage and yard areas, then on to shipping.

Each pallet truck (new or used) is equipped with a GPS system with 2 cm precision, presence and height sensors mounted on the forks, and an FGS 3D (Forklift Guidance System) monitor that guides the driver using augmented reality as if it were an LGV but without the need to build Laser or RFID detection infrastructures.

After a preliminary identification of the pallets leaving the production department (article, quantity, choice, tone, calibre, etc.), the truck operator performs pick-up, movement and guided deposit movements. The system automatically detects the location of each pallet in error-free, full Auto-ID mode without the need to read barcodes or RFID tags but using exclusively the absolute spatial coordinates (virtual tags) detected by the GPS.

The “Regia Attiva” (system scheduler) and the core GPS software set Intellimag pro-tile apart from all conventional WMS systems.

The system continuously and autonomously recalculates and decides the work to be assigned to all warehouse resources (trucks and opera- tors), indicating to each of them the shortest path, the most convenient product and the most suitable mission. This optimises resource efficiency regardless of experience and with system learning times of just a few hours.

Simply by setting the “Regia Attiva” parameters (roles, tasks, skills of resources and availability of equipment), the logistics manager is able to oversee the system without having to organise the work of the truck operators. With just a few mouse clicks, Intellimag pro-tile recalculates the operations and sends orders automatically to each individual operative.

The warehouse is fully tracked and supervised via the 3D graphic map, while occupation and spaces are optimised. Thanks to the KPI instrument panels, the logistical capacity of the plants is kept constantly under control.

This results in up to 50% higher efficiency and complete reorganisation of the logistics and warehouse department to achieve consistently and measurably high levels of performance.

Ceramic World Review – August/October 2015 – Year 25 N. 113
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